DragonFyre Photography and Media Services

Affordable and your way - would seem to be obvious wouldn't it?  You'd like everything to be just the way you want and not break your budget, but if you have browsed the web you've probably found most professional photography is pre-packaged and costs more than you ever expected?  Why?  One word - tradition.  That's the way it is because that's the way it's always been.  That's just what people expect to pay for a "professional" photographer (translated: have been led to believe) so that is what they'll pay.


At DragonFyre Photography, we offer many media services but for a moment let's focus on the taking of photos during one of the more celebrated life events - the wedding.  Here's are a few examples from the literature available at a recent weddings showcase:
        One vendor seems most reasonably priced, but at the end of the day you receive the rolls of (undeveloped) film and you're on your own
        Several others promise "Your proofs within two months!", and yes the exclamation point is theirs

Wouldn't you rather have hands on attention before, during and after your event via phone, email, and even chat messaging?  What about proof sheets of all photos available via the web within 48 to 72 hours?

Now let's look at what you get for your money.  Ever notice you rarely can get one additional item not included in a particular package without upgrading to the next package.  And do you even want most of the items in ether package?  How about the photo album; the one made from real leather, inlaid in gold with each page edged with diamond dust - you know, the one that will sit on the coffee table for months, you'll look at it once or twice, then it vanishes in the back of a closet forever.

We like photo albums, but the above is just a bit much.  In addition to something more reasonable for a photo album, consider having the images
with fancy transitions and music of your choice as a (Windows) screen saver or a DVD you can watch on your new big screen TV or DVD capable pc/laptop.  Or a web photo gallery you can just add to your own site? - all the kinds of things you can easily share with friends and family.

What if you what you wanted was all you got up front, and the rest you picked as you liked?

Weddings, personal or business events, or other work involving video, audio or other  media - your project, your way.  That's what we believe here at DragonFyre Photography.