The media we use for printing and the optical discs (CD and DVD) we provide to you are some of the finest available.  You must provide your own memory cards or USB device if you prefer that type of storage media.
        All your original materials returned in perfect condition
        Image originals, stepwise refinements and final versions on data CD, DVD, memory card, or USB device
        Images are also available in a bound photo album or as a web photo gallery you can use on your own site
        Any set of images can be made into a slideshow with transitions and your choice of music and can be produced as:
            ►   a Windows screensaver
            ►   a DVD for use in a pc or console player connected to your TV
            ►   on a memory card for use in a digital frame
        Video can be copied to VHS tape or DVD, or saved to a memory card for use in a digital frame
        Audio files can be made into a standard audio CD with optional title/track text