At DragonFyre Photography and Media Services, the term photography is a catch-all phrase which encompasses the taking of high resolution digital pictures of your personal and business events, as well as working with any existing images you have whether they are on some form of electronic media or film-based and in need of scanning.  In all cases editing, repair and restoration, and a variety of special effects are available.

For your picture taking needs we offer up to one thousand or more images shot over the span of an entire day.  Here are just a few of the possibilities
    ●    weddings
    ●    birthdays
    ●    family and/or pet portraits
    ●    sporting events
    ●    school plays
    ●    personal or business presentations
    ●    baby and bridal showers
    ●    bachelor parties
    ●    pre-insurance inspection proof of damage

We can also work with you on any existing images you may have.  These can have been acquired from any source and reside on your pc, or as prints, slides, negatives or film strips that need scanning.

We also work with memory cards and can download from these 12 popular formats:
    ●    Memory Stick, Memory Stick DuoMemory Stick PROMemory Stick PRO Duo
    ●    Compact Flash I, Compact Flash II
    ●    SD, miniSD
    ●    Multimedia Card,
    ●    4 MMC flavors - plus, mobile and RS and RS DUAL
    ●    SmartMedia
    ●    xD and Xd Type M

USB thumb drives are welcome as well.

Media Services
Here are some ideas about what we can do with your images:
        Combine pictures to create a collage or move you to an exotic local, i.e. you really did visit the Taj Mahal
        Images rendered as if they were charcoal, water colors or other artistic styles
        Give your photos that old-fashioned sepia tone look, or make them black and white with only some parts re-colored
        Special effects such as adding wings to your daughter in your favorite birthday picture

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!