Welcome to the DragonFyre Photography galleries.  Here you can see some of our work from both the field and images we processed in house.

NAVIGATION:  Galleries start off showing thumbnail images typically 4 rows of 5 columns.  If there is more than one set of thumbnails use the left and right buttons in the upper right portion of the screen to move between them.  Click on a thumbnail to display a larger image - now the left and right buttons move between large images.  You may also start a slideshow of images by clicking the right most button in the upper right portion of the screen - images will change every 5 seconds.

NOTE:  These galleries contain only a fraction of what was shot for a particular event.  In addition images have been down sized for web gallery viewing and as such are not representative of the quality of the original.

Engagement, Bridal and Weddings
John Buswell and Stephanie Pointer Wedding - 2006.09.30.  
Click to view
Matthew and Scott Wedding - 2006.11.27.  
Click to view
Krista and Krystal Wedding - 2007.06.08.  Click to view
Katie and Tiera Wedding - 2007.06.17.  Click to view
Alan Bostley And Randi Davis Wedding - 2007.11.17.  Click to view
Chris and Sarah Stadt Wedding - 2008.10.04.  Click to view
Events (business and personal)
Singer Maria Miller performs at her grandfather's shop - 2007.02.15.  Click to view
Connor Wilson Kids Birthday - 2007.09.29.  Click to view
Jolee Glassburn Kids Birthday - 2007.10.20.  Click to view
Collin County Event Professionals Christmas Party- 2007.12.06.  Click to view
Collin County Event Professionals Meeting 2008.03.04.  Click to view
Made Of Honor 411 Survival Party at D'Vine Wines 2008.04.25.  Click to view

Portraiture (casual to formal, people to pets)
Solstice The Bengal Cat (aka my punkin')  Click to view
DP casual snapshots at the park 2007.11.07.  Click to view
Mary and KateLynn McDonanld at the CCEP 2007 Christmas Party.  Click to view
Miscellaneous Images
Various images we've taken recently.  Click to view

Image Processing
Some scans of original prints that needed some help.  Click to view