Artistic Rendering and Styles

Welcome to the DragonFyre Photography gallery preview of available artistic rendering and style effects.

What is the difference between rendering and styles?  Take for example a watercolor; many people have painted them and they all share a similar look but there are some artists who are famous for their work and their particular style stands out from the others.  So if we render a photo we're applying a generic effect, but when applying a style we're working on making the result appear as close to a particular artist as possible.

When looking at the pictures in the galleries some of the effects may be too subtle to see even though we use large thumbnails.  The best way to browse them is to select the full image of the first thumbnail and then use the slideshow feature to view them one by one.

Practically every effect you will see in the gallery has a range of settings which will change the general look.  For example, for the Stained Glass we can vary the size of the glass sections and the thickness of the lines between them.  For the Lighting effect we can use more or fewer light sources, change the direction or angle of the light source(s), or make the light brighter or softer.  So if you see an effect that is close to what you have in mind, but not quite, we can work with you to get exactly what you want.

Picture Contents
All of the samples in the galleries has the effect applied to the entire image, but they can be applied to individual selections as well.  For example, in a nature picture we could stain glass the sky, render the trees as a charcoal drawing, the grass as a watercolor, and give the lake a glossy sheen.  More complex projects will require a custom price quote.

Special Projects
Effects can also be used when compositing other special projects.  For example we could take a seaside resort scene and render it as sponge daub and then place a normal photo selection of you and a significant other walking along the beach (picture in picture).

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