Engagement, Bridal and Weddings


Welcome to DragonFyre Photography's selection of services and fees for all things romantic leading up to the wedding!


(Required) Initial Consultation - Free

Initial consultations: Up to one hour; for getting to know one another and talking about the event(s) with regard to size, location, and whether there will be any pre- or post- events needing coverage.



When you decide to commit to our services you will receive a price quote listing all services and products discussed at the initial consultation.  After review (and revisions if needed) you will receive a contract to be signed and returned with a non-refundable deposit of 30%.


Extended Services

If during the course of an event it turns out there’s anything I can help with, for example your nephew can’t quite get the sound system hooked up or Uncle Bob is mystified by the array of camcorders to be used, assistance can be rendered at the expense of a few photos not being taken.  $50 per service.


Additional Hours

Many of the photo packages come with a maximum number of hours of coverage. This can be extended in many instances for $100 per hour.


Booked Time Caveat

During all events, photography staff will take necessary (and reasonable) breaks to deal with pressing personal business, as well as snack/meal breaks.  Please let the staff know ahead of time if they are invited to have the food and drink provided to other event participants or if they will have to provide their own.



The remaining balance of the contract amount is due at least two weeks prior to the first event.  Extended services performed will be invoiced immediately after the event and payment in full must be received prior to delivery of proofs or other products ordered.



Thumbnail proofs are provided as web galleries OR 3x5 print sheets on basic matte paper.  High resolution originals as well as touched-up versions (e.g. color levels, red eye, etc. - referred to in these pages as "basic enhancement") suitable for desktop wallpaper or emailing to family or friends are all delivered on a data CD or DVD.


Post-Event Products

Once the proofs have been provided and reviewed you may wish to have a number of them printed on photo-quality or other specialty paper or even have a few of them turned into custom items like mousepads or t-shirt transfers.  Additionally, sets of them can be made into screensavers or slideshows complete with transitions and music for use on your pc or console DVD player.  Please click to visit our Media Services and A La Carte sections to browse available products.


Event Descriptions

Pre-Event Test Shoot

This is to test how your choice of attire, makeup and hair style will look in print.  One hour of portrait style coverage and basic touched-up web proofs only.  $100 per session.


Pre-Wedding Events

Most of these events share similar date and time schedules and are often held on a Friday or a Saturday, start mid-to late afternoon, and run for a few hours.  Examples are engagement parties, rehearsals, dinners, bachelor parties, and bridal showers.  2-3 hours of photo journalistic style coverage - $400.


Wedding Photography

Package prices are based on general complexity of the ceremony, number of attendees, number of events before and after, and feature unlimited photos in the specified coverage time.  All packages feature a mix of photo journalistic and portrait-style coverage.



Basic informal event attended by a small number of friends and relations in a simple setting, some casual photo ops before and after (snacks, reception, etc.), portraits right after the ceremony.  1-2 hours of coverage - $350.



More formal than the simplest event but “business casual” is the dress code. No wedding party or MOH and BM only.  Usually takes place at some location not quite as decorous as a hotel or bed and breakfast.  Casual and posed photos before and after the ceremony and reception photos as it happens.  3-4 hours of coverage - $700.



Not quite as formal as a church wedding (or could be a chapel wedding.)  Smaller wedding party such as Maid of Honor and Best Man only.  The ladies are still in dresses/gowns and the gentlemen in suits/tuxes.  The booking of a nice bed and breakfast would be one example.  Photos begin with site and setup shots prior to the ceremony and continue through the evening.  5-6 of coverage - $1,000.



The most formal of events typically taking place in a church or at a more substantial and elaborate location.  Large wedding party with formal gowns and tuxes.  Photos begin with bride/groom preparations and site setup and continues till the reception is winding down.  7-8 hours of coverage - $1,400.


Related Services

Advanced Clean Up

After basic enhancement there may still be some existing conditions such as dark circles under the eyes, skin blemishes, scratches, bruises, scars, and birthmarks which can be removed.  Review and correction of entire photo selection - $50/hour.


“Life At A Glance” 2-Hour Video Blocks

Obviously we can’t shoot video while we’re taking photos, but if you would like video set up at various places during the ceremony and/or reception we will take care of placement, recording, tape swapping, etc.  $50 per tape per camera.


“Man On The Street” 2-Hour Video Blocks

Usually occurring during the reception after initial photos have been taken and everyone is settled; we solicit comments, toasts and well wishes from your guests.  A video guest book if you will.  $100 per 2 hours.