Welcome to DragonFyre Photography’s selection of services and fees for portrait photography.  We offer portrait services for everyone in your family including babies and children, teens, couples and families, senior citizens, and of course your beloved pets.


To us, portrait photography is no different than any other event.  So in keeping with our core philosophy, we've done away with bundling prints and other products you may not want, and only charge you for the time spent shooting the photos.  In the end, you review the results and select only what you want.


In fact, we've made it even easier - there are no restrictions on the number of people or surcharge above a certain number; no fixed number of "poses"; and essentially unlimited locations, hair, makeup and wardrobe changes.



When you decide to commit to our services you will receive a price quote listing all agreed to services and products.  After review (and revisions if needed) you will receive a contract to be signed and returned with a non-refundable deposit of 30%.


Pet Deposit

Sessions with pets can be somewhat unpredictable and occasionally "accidents" may happen that require special cleaning.  Therefore, we do require a deposit of $100 for all sessions with pets.  The deposit is refunded in full after the session if there are no mishaps, or prorated uf an accident occurs.  Any damage to equipment will be charged as appropriate.



The remaining balance of the contract amount is due upon receipt of contracted deliverables.



Thumbnail proofs are provided as web galleries OR 3x5 print sheets on basic matte paper.  High resolution originals as well as touched-up versions (e.g. color levels, red eye, etc. - referred to in these pages as "basic enhancement") suitable for desktop wallpaper or emailing to family or friends are all delivered on a data CD or DVD.


Post-Session Products

Once the proofs have been provided and reviewed you may wish to have a number of them printed on photo-quality or other specialty paper or even have a few of them turned into custom items like mousepads or t-shirt transfers.  Additionally, sets of them can be made into screensavers or slideshows complete with transitions and music for use on your pc or console DVD player.  Please click to visit our Media Services and A La Carte sections to browse available products.



Head Shots

Whether you are a successful business person, a speaker about to begin a series of appearances, or an author about to publish or embark on a book signing campaign - you will need photos to use for promotional purposes in publications or to provide to magazines, newspapers, or web sites.  1 hour - $100.



Aspiring or accomplished model or actress - head, half and full body shots, color and black and white, and various "looks" showing off your full range of capabilities.  Perfect for use as is, or creating targeted comp cards, or creating web galleries you can just drop into an existing web site.  1/2 day (~4 hours) - $450.


Portfolio Update

All things change - if you are an aspiring model, your face, hair and weight can change pretty regularly.  And fashion changes as fast as the seasons come and go.  To stay fresh and edgy, you'll need to update your existing portfolio on a regular basis.  You probably know what works for you and exactly what new shots you need.  2 hours - $250.


All Other Protraits

Your photos, your choice.  Decorator home with landscaped backyard, grandfather's mansion, uncle's ranch, your favorite park, or any other location with open access.  There is a one hour minimum charge.  All time thereafter will be charged in 1/2 hour increments.  Millage fees for travel may apply.  $125 per hour.


Related Services

Advanced Clean Up

After basic enhancement there may still be some existing conditions such as dark circles under the eyes, skin blemishes, scratches, bruises, scars, and birthmarks which can be removed.  Review and correction of entire photo selection - $50/hour.


Specialty Location

If you have a backdrop or setting in mind but don't know where to find it, we will be happy to do the legwork to identify a location.  An example would be formal family shots done in a Victorian style house.  The customer is responsible for any costs associated with researching, booking, or access fees to a particular location for everyone involved.



For more formal classic style portraits or modeling portfolios which require controlled environments, lighting, props and private wardrobe changing area, we do have access to a professional facility.  $50 per hour in addition to the regular hourly rate.


Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe

Assistance with multiple or complicated changing of hair styles, makeup and attire can be provided during some or all of the session.    $50 per hour in addition to the regular hourly rate.