Media Services


Welcome to DragonFyre Photography’s list of media services.  Below you will find a brief description of each service along with the associated fees. 



For any project involving an hourly rate, we will provide a good faith estimate.  For all projects, 50% of the total cost is due upon return of the signed contract (or signed estimate.)

The balance for all projects is due prior to delivery of original materials and deliverables.  For estimated projects, a final invoice will be issued with notation of what has already been paid and what is still due.



We can perform these services on images we photographed, images you already have in electronic form, or even old photos that we can scan for you.


Enhance your print with the right paper.  See our A La Carte page for printing options.



Scanning (prints, slides, negatives, film strips)

High resolution (600 dpi) scanning yields the best originals.  $35/hr in ˝ hour increments.


Basic Enhancement

Initial clean up of images which are too light or too dark, slightly out of focus, have color casts (e.g. too yellow), red eye, and color and contrast issues.  $35/hr in ˝ hour increments.


Advanced Clean-Up

Even the best looking images may need some adjustment.  Examples include removal of objects or people in the background, or touch up of the subjects such as dark circles under the eyes, skin blemishes, dull teeth color, stains on clothing and the like.  $25/image.


Repair / Restoration

We can help repair or restore very badly damaged photos such as those that have been sitting too long in the sun or those that have been folded, torn, stained, or used as an iced tea coaster.  $50/image.


Artistic Rendering

Any image can be made to look like a basic watercolor, charcoal sketch, or one of any number of genres.  Click to learn more.  $25/image.


Famous Artist Styles

Going one step further, we can create a famous impressionist landscape, a Van Gogh still life, a surrealist dream world, a classic Ansel Adams snap, an authentic-looking 19th century Daguerreotype, Dutch portraits, Japanese woodblocks, and more.  Click to learn more.   $35/hr in ˝ hour increments.


Picture in Picture

We can take any picture and place it in another one. Something as simple as several snaps of the kids at a picnic dotting a wide shot of a park to more interesting compositions such as you and your significant other posing in front of the Sphinx or the Taj Mahal.  $35/composition.


B&W, gray scale or sepia tone, and/or spot (re-)colorization

Give some of your photos that retro look by having some or all of the color removed or rendered in sepia tone.  We can then re-color selected areas such as a brides bouquet, eyes, lips, or background items such as the sky, grass or a river.  $35/hr in ˝ hour increments.


Special Effects

Your photos can be made unique in a variety of ways by the addition of elements not in the original image.  For example we can lift your daughter from a birthday snap and place her flying though an enchanted forest sporting fairy wings.  $35/hr in ˝ hour increments.


Web Galleries

Any selection of images can be arranged into a thumbnail or full image gallery which you can simple drop into any existing web site.  A variety of backgrounds and styles are available.  $35 for 50 images plus 50 cents per additional image.


Screen Saver

Any set of images can be made into a Windows screen saver slide show complete with music.  Each screen saver consists of up to a dozen images that change via transition effects and one music track.  $10 plus 50 cents per additional image.


DVD Slideshow(s)

Any set of images can also be set to music and burned to a DVD that you can play in your pc or in a console player connected to your TV.  Each slideshow consists of up to 50 of images that change via transition effects and up to 3 music tracks (plays in order then repeats.)  The DVD menu screen can feature your choice of background art.


Initial slideshow including DVD setup is $50 plus 50 cents per additional image.  Additional slideshows on the same disc are $35.  Programs from existing DVDs can be added for $10 per item.

Video/Laserdisc To VHS/DVD

We can copy your Video8, Hi8, VHS and VHS-C tape formats or laserdiscs to DVD, or mix and match DVD segments one disc.  Formats other than those listed will be handled on a project by project basis.  $10 per tape.  Additional charges for any editing required or combining of sources.


Cassette/Vinyl to Audio CD

We can take those treasured vinyl records and cassette tapes, pull the tracks to high resolution sound files, perform any clean up and enhancement needed, and burn them to a standard audio CD.  $10 per record/tape.


Disclaimer: We reserve the right to refuse any original materials in such poor shape that they might damage our equipment.