A La Carte


Welcome to DragonFyre Photography’s selection of pure a la carte products and services along with associated fees.



For any project involving an hourly rate, we will provide a good faith estimate.  For all projects, 50% of the total cost is due upon return of the signed contract (or signed estimate.)

The balance for all projects is due prior to delivery of original materials and deliverables.  For estimated projects, a final invoice will be issued with notation of what has already been paid and what is still due.


Archival Storage

Eventually, all the images, slideshows and DVD files are going to get wiped from my hard drive and the video tapes/discs reused.  Pair this with the possibility that the prints, tapes and discs you have may become lost or damaged and your most valuable memories may be gone forever.


For a small fee of $50 per year we will store copies of any video materials, all files as well as recording media in a fire and flood proof container.  When you chose to discontinue the service we’ll hand over all materials except those items you may no longer want. (e.g. a tape format for which you no longer have a player.)


Additional tape/disc

If you need additional copies of anything beyond the original number contracted, the cost will be as follows: VHS $5, DVD $3, and CD $1.


Photo Mousepad

Any photo can be put on a standard 12" x 12" mousepad for $10.


Photo Books

Classic book size of 8.5 x 11 printed on archival paper with your choice of layout and background, picture and order, and number of pictures per page.  Contains 20 pages which is 40 sides for photos.


Cover Material

Cloth, Satin or Suede           $100

Leather                                   $150


Single Prints

Single 4x6 and 5x7 prints are available on gloss or satin paper only.


All prices are by the sheet.  Click to learn more about paper types.


Prices Per Sheet

Basic                          Matte              Gloss              Magnetic

4 x 6                             N/A                  $5                     N/A

5 x 7                             N/A                    5                     N/A

8.5 x 11                        10                    10                     15

11 x 14                        N/A                   15                    N/A

11 x 17                         20                    20                    N/A

13 x 19                         25                    25                    N/A


Specialty I                  Satin               Linen               Parchment

4 x 6                             $7                    N/A                     N/A

5 x 7                             N/A                    7                       N/A

8.5 x 11                        10                    10                       10


Specialty II                  Luster             Watercolor     Velvet

8.5 x 11                       $10                       N/A             $15

11 x 14                          20                       N/A              N/A

11 x 17                          20                       N/A              N/A

13 x 19                          25                        30                35


Panoramic Poster

The paper for this size print is only available as a continuous roll and as such the end result is something that tends to curl.  So you should either plan to use this as some kind of banner where a bit of curl is acceptable, or have it professionally mounted.


13 x 32                                   $100


Print Projects

In addition to images, we can print a variety of special format projects whether you have them all ready to go or we help to composite them (see print project services).  Once complete, print costs are as per the tables above.


    ●    Brochures

    ●    Business Cards, paper or magnetic

    ●    Calendars

    ●    Flyers

    ●    Greeting Cards

    ●    Invitations

    ●    Newsletters

    ●    Photo Magnets

    ●    Reusable Post It Sticky Picture

    ●    Reusable Window Clings

    ●    T-Shirt Transfers


Print Project Services

If you have a printing project clearly in mind and have done the work to select a font, background color/image, icons, pictures, etc. but it’s not yet in a format ready for printing, we will composite the bits and pieces so it’s print ready.  $20 in addition to any printing costs.


Likewise, we’re not a design shop, but if you have an idea in mind, perhaps a scribble on a cocktail napkin, we’ll be happy to locate and pull together all the bits and pieces for you into a print ready format.  $50 in addition to any printing costs.


Disc Surfaces

Whether you have text and art ready or we have composited it for you (see previous section) we can do photo quality CD and DVD disc printing.  $5 per disc.